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When Minor Children Cannot be Located During a Divorce

Family Code  3140

Birth Certificate Requirement

If one or both parents have not appeared in an action for custody or modification of custody, the court shall require the moving party to provide a certified copy of the minor child's birth certificate. The birth certificate shall be forwarded to the local sheriff's department to determine if that child is identified on the National Crime Information Center Missing Person System.

Family Code 3130

District Attorney Involvment

If the whereabouts of a minor child are unknown and a petition for custody has been filed or an order for custody has been entered, the district attorney shall take all actions necessary to locate the child and to obtain compliance with the order. In addition, the petition to determine custody may be filed by the district attorney.

Family Code 3131

District Attorney Acts of Court's Behalf

If a custody order has been entered, and a child has been taken in violation of that order, the district attorney shall take all actions necessary to locate the child and return the child. By taking these actions, the district attorney shall act on behalf of the court and not either parent.

Family Code 3134

Party May be Assessed Fee for District Attorney's Service

If the district attorney incurs fees for the expenses in locating a minor child, the court can assess fees against either party for the location of the minor children. The county may take reasonable actions to enforce the judgment.