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If you have a crises in your life, chances are, you need a divorce attorney . Whether it is child support , child custody , property division , or spousal support , Trevino Law can help you through. Trevino Law is dedicated to helping individuals through the legal process. If you are facing a family law issue, it is important to contact an attorney even before the petition is filed. 

  • Denise Trevino has been practicing family law in Orange County for more than ten years.  She has practiced law for more than 15 years--having previously practiced in both Utah and Arizona.
  • With a commitment to divorce litigation, Trevino Law understands the need for negotiation, but when matters are too important for negotiation, a judge must be involved.
  • As a memeber of the Family Law Section of the California State Bar and the Family Law Section of the Orange County Bar, Denise spends her time enhancing her knowledge of family law and the issues which face her clients.
  • Denise Trevino represents individuals who are facing child custody litigation, support issues, and property division. 
  • As an attorney, her goal is to represent clients in an ethically, expeditous manner that fosters the client's
To contact a divorce attorney, call 949.716.2102.

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